Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This week, I found a website called "Uncyclopedia" which is effectively disagreeing with every aspect of the Yuppie culture.

A general definition of a Yuppie is "A young city or suburban resident with a well-paid professional job and an affluent lifestyle". The websites definition is " Yuppies are the suburbia-hating spawn of the super-rich. They are excruciatingly rich and rather intelligent, contrary to popular belief". The definition continues as they say Yuppies are primarily known for spending large amounts of money on things like uncomfortable suits, luxury vacations, organic foods, and anything hyped on TV commercials. Their children often wear designer baby clothes, such as leather onesies, denim jackets, tiny Prada shoes that will never be walked in, and John Lennon sunglasses. The men often wear a single gold earring in one ear, or two diamond studs and tuxedos are not uncommon. The women have their hair done up to look like the current trendy TV role models. The website continues to slate Yuppies as they describe their diet of being lobster and expensive wine and dining at highly expensive restaurants. Their fashion is a major part of the Yuppie lifestyle and they would not be caught dead in a inexpensive store such as Wal-Mart. The picture above does support this theory as the man has an expensive Burberry trench coat and a Gucci briefcase, likewise the woman has a Coach bag and a Ralf Lauren suit.

The next sections surprised me quite a bit. It is clear that whoever created this website strongly dislikes the Yuppie culture and disagrees with every lifestyle choice. The first section describes their hobbies, "Yuppies think sex is something that low-born people do, so their hobbies include the following:The most commonly cited past time of yuppies is referred to as "keeping up with the Jones". Clearly this is a modern recurrence of the Cold War taking place in the comfort of cushy yuppie penthouse apartments. In order to pass the time between nuclear bomb alerts, Yuppies learn French, generally by reading wine lists and eating French snails, or "escargot". In my opinion this seems like a very radical view and it is clear that this statement is not all facts.

The next section is titled "Cures". "There are no known cures for yuppism. Yuppies should just be avoided and/or murdered whenever possible, unless you're a hippy selling organic soaps or Native American trinkets.If you believe you are a yuppie, please inhale as much brake fluid as possible". The website continues and gives ways to "cure" Yupppism such as taking LSD, Marijuana and even more extreme, suicide. I personally found this quite disturbing that some people have such strong views about the Yuppie culture and lifestyle choice. This final section of the website is very controversial and has some very extremist and strange views that would be deemed as being very prejudice.

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