Thursday, February 23, 2012

The message

the message was a versed rap on the life of inner city new York, yet it can be transferred to any inner city during the time, it was a new form of expression in 1982, only popular for 3 years at this point, the truth of his subject matter was not originally understood by mainstream audiences, until later on in the decade further artists would add to ‘the message’

Public Enemy are better known for such sings as Fight the power and Bring the noise yet other songs included other messages for the people, in don’t believe the hype  the lyrics

But since I gave you all a little something that I knew you lacked
They still consider me a new jack…

The follower of Farrakhan
Don't tell me that you understand until you hear the man

These lyrics play on numerous things, they hold true to their music and believe in it, yet through the truth of their subject matter, many have become mislead to believe that they are ‘New Jacks’, a form of new wave rap/r&b but also known as a new type of underground criminal, the speaking on the matter, according to Chuck D, is not admitting to be one, rather the reference to Minister Farrakhan draws away from gang violence, attempting to show a black community a better way to live their lives as proud black men.

Chuck also argues the mood of this inner city type, saying that the population and especially the media deem him and others as the ‘enemy’, an enemy to white society and its social order.

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