Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Yuppie

This article was written in the mid-1980's, at the height of the Yuppie in American culture. It describes how the term Yuppie went from being just a term, to categorising a demographic in American society; the young, urban profession. But it came to characterise US society as a whole in the big cities. The article which was written in 1985, a year after Ronald Reagan won the presidential elections as the incumbent, describes the representation of the yuppie in a political way, and how the media used the yuppie as the face of Reagan's presidential success. 

The article states the Yuppie was represented as being the face of Reagan's America during the 1984 presidential elections as they were found to be conservative when it came to economics because of their support for Reagan's policies on cutting taxes, government spending and economic control, this all meant they were free to spend their money on Rolex watches, porches and holidays to exotic countries.

However, although they were represented as being conservative they were found to be more liberal when it came to social issues as Reagan stood for tradition family based values which was not what the young urban professional was looking for, they are defined by Dyer as being unmarried and intent on staying that way, or at least being childless. He states the yuppie was pro-choice when it came to abortion, not homophobic and were pro drugs. 

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