Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1980s Feelings towards the Vietnam War: Rambo

The Vietnam War has been a hugely controversial topic throughout US History, many views are held over the war and its justification and necessity. War protest throughout the 1960s and its portrayal in the media was the first of it's kind in raising angst against a military mission abroad in the USA. The 1980s brought about refreshed reactions which still held huge relevance surrounding the war and issues surrounding soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress.

The series of Films, Rambo depict a huge legacy of the War, but also uncover very relevant issues surrounding suffering soldiers. 'First Blood' was released in 1982, the first of the Rambo series featuring Silvester Stallone was an awakening to America. The film exposed relevant issues surrounding treatment of Vietnam veterans in modern society. It had become acceptable to hate the war, so people did, but this left veterans in a very difficult situation, and viewed as war criminals and not heroes despite their personal suffering and sacrifice. John J. Rambo was a Special Forces Officer who is still reminded of his war days through harrowing memories and fears. On a trip to Hope, Washington, Rambo is met with intolerance and insolence, he is not welcomed as a hero but as someone to be shunned from this small town society.

This nonacceptance towards the Vietnam War echoed popular judgement in America at the time, Rambo attempts to create a realisation through the entertainment industry, along with making the American rebel cool. Rambo is a memorial symbol of the Vietnam War through entertainment media, depicting perhaps exaggerated, but relevant issues surrounding Vietnam veterans living in the United States.

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