Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Glam Rock to Green Day


The 1980s gave us an insight into some of the greatest rock and alternative music, the emergence of glam rock and stadium rock brought out some of the greatest artists of our time. Bands such as Kiss, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi emerged and grew extrememely popular. With a focus on Kiss and their 1987 hit, 'Crazy Nights'. It is one of their most famous songs, an inspirational, stadium anthem that has not lost it's relevance or popularity. Stadium Rock remains as popular thirty years on because of its timelessness, its relevence to people, it's catchy, memorable lyrics and exciting videos thanks to the development of MTV. Stadium Rock brought rock and roll into show business and the increased popularity of going to music concerts which were becoming bigger and better made it even more entertaining. Shows needed to be big, glamourous and loud. These Kiss songs were written to be played loud and have become anthems through their undying popularity. The 'Crazy Nights' Album was released in September 1987, Reagan was President of the United States, U2 were becoming popular in the United States and controversial issues surrounding the IRA in the UK and Ireland were rife. Music can be an outlet for political and domestic issues in the world at the time, it can be both controversial and insightful.

It is difficult to find a place in today's music where Kiss were in the 1980s, arguably we have so many different genres and sub-genres, in an age of youtube sensation, making it possible for young voices like Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black to be heard, has music simply become a 3 minute gimic? Not exactly, there will still be memorable music from our generation in thirty years time, arguably artists such as Ed Sheeran from the UK, but from America, perhaps Green Day will be the rock band we remember in thirty years. '21 Guns' is a relavant song uncovering social issues and feelings of apathy towards politics and war. They are known for their political angst and through some of the lyrics of '21 Guns' it has often been referenced as a questionning to US Military agendas, particularly in the War in Iraq, many of their songs have denounced their feelings of Patriotism, particularly in the 'American Idiot' album released in 2004. We have seen a surge of post 9/11 music and particularly within rock and alternative which allows the more controversial opinions and ideas and also often relates to the young working class. Through bands such as Green Day, Good Charlotte and Linkin Park we are exposed to this idea of the modern punk and the underclass who are under the thumb of the US government.


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