Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ThirtySomething - Telivision and the Yuppy

This 1980s sitcom televises the yuppy and depicts a subculture within everyday life in the form of a soap style telivision show. The cast and characters are seen as young, upwardly mobile professionals with families. Set in Philadelphia, Mike runs an advertising company with his best friend. They are the types of men who earn a great amount of money within their profession and are able to sustain professional, expensive lifestyles, which they and their families have grown accustomed to. The characters are represenatational of a formal identity beginning to arise, particularly in New York. A sect of society which many people were striving to become a part of. The Yuppy Culture.
This programme actually focusses a great deal on difficulties within relationships and with raising children. Something which realistically has not been covered on telivision before. The show covers an affair between two of the main characters, which is not a new problem within relationships, but was new to telivision. After many 50s sitcoms surrounding the perfectness of family life in suburbia, the yuppy is arguably a counterweight to that lifestyle and something which people can aspire to as professionals, particularly when focussed on women and the role of a housewife and mother.

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