Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ronald Reagan was a pretty great President.

This article posted in early 2010 with the title "Why was Ronald Reagan the Greatest President of the 20th Century?" which clearly puts the stance of this article on the idea that Reagan was a successful, well liked President.

The article details the fact Reagan may not have had a huge impact as other Presidents such as Wilson and Roosevelt, but mostly his impact on the United States was positive, where he successfully "won" the Cold War, and revived the American economy.

It continues to say that Reagan had three parts to his genius, the first being that he was a visionary. He was on the of the few Presidents that, no matter what he did he was moving towards the direction of more freedom and less government. In a way he was doing something that no other President would do, which was give more freedom to the people.

The second part, was that Reagan had character unparalleled to. Whenever troubled rose during his presidency, Reagan would not look to polls, but rather stand by his set of ideas, and went about things with courage and kindness. The articles cites a couple of critics saying that Reagan "had changed the world and had done so with candor and honesty."

Finally the third part that considers Reagan one of the best presidents, was that he was teachable. With this trait, it seemed that Reagan, once President saw the downside of his earlier beliefs. He could see that the federal government was overbearing, and he strived to reduce it down. He could see the problems previous Presidents tried to solve, and worked towards a solution that would benefit the country, not just the Government.

Reagan brought the United States out of an economic disaster and allowed more freedom to the people more than they had in previous decades. In a way Reagan revived the United States and ushered in a prosperous period of time.

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