Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Madonna and the 1980's

Madonna rose to fame in the 1980’s and became an icon of music and fashion in this decade. This image alone represents the ideology in America during this time which was the idea that the more you had the more successful you were, evident in the image of the yuppie during the 1980’s which described the group of young successful middle-class people in society who worked in executive type positions and desired the good life. This picture of Madonna shows her with big hair, big earrings, lots of bracelets and lots of make-up, everything she is wearing is in excess.

Madonna’s style during the 1980’s has become viewed as iconic of this era and her style is seen as being a pioneer of a signature 80’s look. This was all possible because of the unveiling of the new television channel MTV. People were now able to not just listen to music but they could see it which meant the artist was able to convey an image.

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