Thursday, January 26, 2012

pursuit of Reaganism

i watched the Pursuit of Happyness when it came out and it struck me as a very direct statement of the possibilities within America, with the achievement of these dreams coming from hard work and individual drive to make yourself stand out among the crowd.

On later reflection what i found to be a negative reflection of those times, (within the 1980's where it is set) yet a positive reflection of its policies, and Reaganite ideals came through, excel in your endeavours, create your own opportunities, do what you have to to do what you want to. Chris Gardener (will Smith) resembles this very much so, with his ambitions, his forward nature and his endless work ethic.

The job centre in which gardener works is that of wall street and the stock market, a classic pillar of Reagan's era, with big business and high points of trade during the period, it is painted as a very accepting and progressive work place to those with characteristics such as Chris Gardener, and inspires me to feel that success is a choice of your attitude and desire, rather than that of luck, greed and social background, which is a criticism made by other films, this film remains agreeable with the former president Ronald Reagan.

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