Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Iconic 80s image

I have chosen President Ronald Reagan for my iconic image of the 1980s. He was regarded as one of the greatest American Presidents of all time and the key inspiration for the conservative movement from the 70s to the present. No other president of the 20th century had a more affirmative and lasting influence than Reagan. Initially he started out as governor of California and never considered himself politician material. Upon his journey to the White House, his reasons for Presidency were not fuelled by intense lust for power of position. Reagan wanted people to perceive him as a simple citizen who had been called upon to come to the support of his country he so dearly loved. He saw his task as releasing his fellow citizens from the rules of a brutal federal government, and to rid the world of the oppression of Communism. In doing so, he shocked the Soviet Union with his harsh rhetoric, brandishing it an “evil empire” and was determined to abolish communism and the Soviet Union.
He won the Cold War and also recovered the American economy from decades of abuse. He had tremendous character, which in the eyes of America’s founders, character was a crucial ingredient for greatness. He represented a set of ideals, and when trouble came he looked not to polls but instead he applied courage, perseverance and kindness to accomplish his goal. 
Reagent regarded the promise of the America Dream crucial to the development and growth of the nation. During the time of increasing cynicism he noted America to be a place where “everyone can rise as high and far as his ability will take him.”
Toward the end of his presidency, he was acclaimed to have changed the world and had done so with honesty and morality. His capability to flee accountability for the mistakes and faults of those around him led to his being called the Teflon president - nothing would stick to him. Time and time again polls showed that whilst Americans did not always share Reagan’s opinions on any number of matters, and frequently questioned his aptitude for the job, they nevertheless reinforced his dedicated willpower to achieve the goals he held most dear.

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