Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Celebrating Ronald Reagan

Despite controversy, Ronald Reagan was a very 'American' President, one who is celebrated greatly by American people, particularly those from a Republican background. This description may not be particularly possitive or negative, but it does describe Reagan's character and summarise him within politics and personality. Reagan became President in the 1980s after a time of financial instability, war and recession, not unlike that of which we have seen in recent years. In 1981, soon after coming into office he was shot, but quickly recovered and returned to his duties. This may have been a turning point in his support and popularity. People felt for him and his family at a time of personal attack and rallied around their President in a way America does so quite remarkably. When crisis occours, it brings American people together. The economy began to recover under Reagan and this also was an aspect which made him hugely popular at the time, with the creation of jobs and boost in the economy, Reagan was very much able to take credit for this fortune. Many would also praise Reagan's strength in dealing with the Soviet Union and his efforts in Foreign Policy, despite controversy, he was a President who sought power and peace through strenth and a military force. This however is very much a Republican issue.

This website advertises a celebratory conference of Reagan's Presidency and Politics in commemoration of what would be his 100th Birthday in 2011, this was held in New Orleans. The location is something to be aware of as it is in the South, and a very Republican state. Many Americans are very keen to celebrate Reagan as a President and as an America.

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